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Variety is the spice of (fishing) life

There are a hundred reasons why I love living in Panama City Beach, and the variety of fishing opportunities is right up there at the top of the list. Never is that more important than during tricky conditions like we are experiencing now due recent heavy rains. The waters in many parts of the bay…

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Catch Them All in Panama City Beach!

While you are out discovering all that Panama City Beach has to offer, you can also catch your favorite Pokemon! Looking for a Pokestop or a Pokemon Gym on your vacation? No worries! They are plentiful here and we have found some of the best places to add to your Pokedex, obtain Great Balls, or…

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Looking below the Surface

Divers are flocking to Florida to visit the 12 submerged wonders along the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail, and you can find five of the best right off the coast of Panama City Beach! The trail is a collection of sunken tugs and warships the Florida Department of State highlighted to create…

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