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Gobble Til' You Wobble

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to have some family fun and indulge in some tasty cuisine! If you are thinking about dining out with the family for Thanksgiving, there are a variety of restaurants in Panama City Beach that will be open to make your evening and meal as perfect as a…

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Mid-October Fishing Report

As we get deeper into fall and the cold fronts become more frequent, it’s time to adapt our fishing techniques to rapidly changing conditions. Pre-front conditions are generally warmer and overcast with increasing wind speeds from a southerly or southeasterly direction. During this period, the…

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Panama City Beach Oktoberfest

Music lovers and fans of German food and craft beer will don their lederhosen and dirndls and gather at Aaron Bessant Park on Friday, October 13 - Saturday, October 14, 2017, to kick off the 1st Annual Panama City Beach Oktoberfest. No Oktoberfest celebration would be complete without beer! The…

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October Fishing Report

With fall temperatures finally starting to creep their way down towards the Florida Panhandle, it’s time to start looking for fish to gather in big schools. One of the most anticipated migrations is the annual flounder run. Although they’ll bite sporadically throughout the year, fall is the season…

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Witch Way Is The Candy?

It’s almost that time of year again where spooky pumpkins align doorsteps, candy is considered a full course meal and everyone is seemingly dressed up as a vampire or a zombie! Halloween is a favorite time of year for many and PCB is the perfect place to “creep it real” while you celebrate with your…

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