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Ring in the New Year!

Can you believe we're saying goodbye to 2015 tomorrow? The New Year's Eve Beach Ball Drop is the perfect event to ring in the New Year! The eighth annual event is held at Pier Park and is full of activities from concerts to beach ball drops...and of course, fireworks! The family celebration starts…

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Welcome to Oyster Country

In the right environment, oyster larvae take root and grow into the tabletop appetizer known the world over. They're also useful in keeping coastal areas and ecosystems happy and healthy. What's not to love? And for PCB restaurants, oysters are essential. Scott Mandeville is an assistant chef at the…

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Find Your Treasure

For antique lovers, some of the most thrilling places to shop are those where you discover a great find from another era, something someone else held and used long ago - an antique wardrobe, a rare coin or an addition to your vintage doll collection. Finding such treasures can make a vacation all…

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Running Through Paradise

In Panama City Beach, we have fun-filled events going on almost every weekend. This weekend, December 5, PCB is proud to host the first ever Panama City Beach Marathon (which is a certified course of the Boston Marathon Qualifier)! I don't think there is a more beautiful view while running a…

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