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Capt Nathan
Capt. Nathan Chennaux

Captain Nathan is a USCG licensed captain, fishing guide and outdoor writer. He fishes out of Panama City Beach, FL.

Captain Nathan can be reached at (850) 258-7235 or

Mid-July Fishing Report

The fishing action is hot along the beaches, in the bays and on the flats these days, as hungry predators take advantage of the abundant baitfish that are currently in our area. Spanish mackerel can be seen flying out of the water as they ferociously gorge on schools of baitfish along the beaches…

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July Fishing Report

We’ve experienced quite a few thunderstorms over the past couple of weeks, but the bite around the bay has been really good. Speckled trout are stacked up in areas that transition quickly from shallow grass to deeper sand. The presence of bait and current are definite giveaways when looking for…

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June Fishing Report

Although the weather has been less than ideal over the past couple of weeks, the fishing continues to be excellent! Mangrove snapper have piled up on shallow water structures throughout the bay and have been quick to bite for the most part. Anchoring up current and dropping back a flat lined live…

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Mid-May Fishing Report

Summer is fast approaching and our beaches are filling up with visitors eager to enjoy the warm weather, emerald green water and sugar white sand. We certainly enjoy sharing our slice of heaven with them, but big crowds can put a slight damper on the fishing during certain parts of the day. With…

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May Fishing Report

What a fantastic time of the year! Air temperatures have finally broken into the 80's, water temperatures are in the low-to-mid 70's and the fish are cruising for easy meals. Along the beaches, the pompano bite has been absolutely on fire in the surf. Whether you target them by boat, at one of the…

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Mid-April Fishing Report

If you haven’t already retrieved your fishing gear from the closet and oiled up the reels, then now is a great time to do so. With water temperatures hovering around 70 degrees, many species of fish have been making their presence known in local waters. Just off the beaches, schools of Spanish…

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April Fishing Report

Spring has sprung and it’s an exciting time of the year to be out on the water fishing! The bays and nearshore coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico come alive in the spring, as hordes of migratory fish species such as Spanish mackerel, bluefish and jacks take up residence in our area. One thing all…

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Mid March Fishing Report

The much anticipated arrival of Spanish mackerel has definitely taken place along the beaches, in the pass and inside St. Andrews Bay! Look for areas where birds are bombing baitfish on the surface or where you see baitfish jumping out of the water – sure signs that Spanish mackerel are feeding. If…

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Mid-December Fishing Report

As the season transitions from fall to winter, several things begin to happen. First, you will notice pinfish and most other baitfish disappearing from the shallow grass flats. Mullet and bull minnows are the exceptions and will remain on and around the flats throughout the winter. Other baitfish…

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October Fishing Report

With fall temperatures finally starting to creep their way down towards the Florida Panhandle, it’s time to start looking for fish to gather in big schools. One of the most anticipated migrations is the annual flounder run. Although they’ll bite sporadically throughout the year, fall is the season…

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