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Capt Nathan
Capt. Nathan Chennaux

Captain Nathan is a USCG licensed captain, fishing guide, and outdoor writer at Bay County Outdoors. He fishes out of Panama City Beach, FL.

Captain Nathan can be reached at (850) 258-7235 or

May Fishing Report

In addition to the white sandy beaches and emerald green water, Panama City beach also offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Whether your angling passion is in the bay, on the flats or out in the gulf, we have you covered. Early mornings on the flats offer healthy doses of topwater action…

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April fishing is great - No foolin'!

Before I get into just how great the fishing has been in Panama City Beach… Let’s review a few situations where a little courtesy can go a long way. For most of us, the first thing to do before starting our adventure on the water is to launch the boat. Now that the weather is warmer and more people…

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Springtime Fishing Tips

This is a fantastic time to get out and enjoy some beautiful weather and phenomenal fishing! Throughout the bays, a variety of fish species are schooling up and ready to feed at nearly every opportunity. The number of redfish out there in the shallows is staggering – several flats have schools of…

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Warm Weather Brings Fishing Success

Let me start by saying that this winter has been anything but typical. Calling it “mild” would be an understatement since it’s the middle of February and we have water temperatures nearing 70 degrees in the afternoon. Many species of fish shouldn’t even be in the bays right now, but they’re swimming…

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Cool water hot spots

As the weather cools, look for fish to adopt typical winter patterns as they seek refuge from cold water. Common areas to target speckled trout on cold days are bayous with at least 4-5 feet of water, small creeks with either deep holes or depth in the middle of the channels, and the Intracoastal…

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The Key to Winter Fishing

Among the most difficult aspects of fishing in the winter months is dealing with the inconsistency in weather and water conditions. Air temperatures, wind direction, barometric pressure and water levels are subject to change on a daily basis, or at a moment’s notice. As frontal systems move through…

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Christmas fishing report

Cool weather has led to some very hot fishing in both the deep and shallow parts of the St. Andrew Bay. Up on the flats, redfish are hanging out with their noses in the mud – tailing on low negative tides in their search for small crabs, shrimp and baitfish. There are also lots of redfish mixed in…

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Cold fronts bringing in a hot bite

Recent cold fronts have caused a significant drop in water temperatures, triggering the appetites of many predatory species throughout the bays. One fish that seems to be eating just about everything in sight right now is the gag grouper. They can be found in water depths ranging from less than 10…

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Sight fishing taking off!

Phenomenal fishing is happening right now in the waters surrounding Panama City Beach! Beautiful weather and pristine waters are making sight fishing a breeze for a variety of inshore gamefish. Up on the flats in the skinny water and along the shorelines, scores of redfish are eagerly waiting for…

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Good weather, clear waters

I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a stretch of weather as good as the past few weeks. Abundant sunshine, moderate temperatures, and light winds have given us plenty of great days to enjoy on the water. The bays are so clear that they look like aquariums – especially with the amount of marine…

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