Happiness can be found all over PCB, from the sound of the waves hitting the shore, a nice breeze on a hot summer’s day, to that first soothing sip of coffee after rolling out of bed in the morning. Whether it’s the savory smell or the caffeine kick it offers, there’s no denying the role that a cup of joe can play in jumpstarting a coffee lover’s day!

Residents and visitors looking for a great spot to go for a quick pep in their step, don’t have to look too far from the beach for some local flavor. Here are a few places worth visiting that are open at the moment and allow you to pop in for a to-go cup:

Roaster’s Edge Coffee Roastery and Deja Brew Coffee Shop

This fun shop offers three different brew sources, plus a decaf option every day for those customers wanting to sample or take a cup of joe to go. Along with coffee from 13 countries and these available to purchase by the bag full, they also serve a full line of specialty espresso drinks, iced coffee and iced espresso drinks.

Finn’s Barista Bar & Snack Shack

Brewing daily at two different locations, you can find a variety of cold brew organic coffees, nutritious smoothies and bowls, homemade organic baked goods and a variety of other beverages at this sweet little scene.

The Pour

The place with a passion for enriching the community, The Pour menu delivers hand-crafted coffee and a homemade treat with all profits going directly to help bring sustainable change to the local community, as well as communities around the world!

Sunrise Cafe & Bakery

This family-owned cafe is a great hole-in-the-wall for a cup of joe to-go! All items are served fresh but in to-go containers so it's the perfect place to pop in if you're in a rush on your way to the beach. They also offer baked goods, breakfast or lunch to go with your coffee.