Time together is a precious commodity that often gets lost as our lives get busier, our families grow and our circumstances scatter us around the country or the globe. We lose touch with people who are important to us, seeing them only for major events as we try our best to squeeze in a phone call or send an e-mail to let them know they’re on our minds. 

That is why reunions have become an important way for people to make sure that everyone has taken the time to actually spend time together — whether it’s a group of girlfriends reuniting for a girls-only weekend or a full-blown, multi-generational gathering of a family who wants to strengthen that familial bond. 

No matter the size, groups that book reunions in Panama City Beach can take advantage of all the region has to offer — spending time at the beach, eating at its many amazing restaurants, shopping at its unique stores or participating in activities available on the property accommodating the group. No matter the time of year, Panama City Beach’s events also are a popular draw. There are a number of things to consider when planning a reunion, not the least of which is the time frame. The months of June through August see the biggest influx of tourists and the highest hotel rates, so reunions are best planned to be during the off-season. 

Whatever the case, Panama City Beach is an ideal destination for reunions of all kinds and sizes, and Visit Panama City Beach would love to offer support through the entire planning process. Armed with an extensive network of area accommodations, attractions and venues, Visit PCB can provide guidance in creating a trip itinerary. That includes suggestions on the best booking times, assistance in finding group accommodations and venues, coordination for site tours and even providing visiting groups with welcome packages, door prizes and other fun tools to make reunions the best they can be.

For a quiet weekend or a major bash filled with fun in the sun, Panama City Beach is the place to come together and spend time reconnecting and reuniting with the people you treasure in your life.

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