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Mention this ad and we will reduce our SUMMER RATE by $200 when you rent the whole house..
The Oleander Cottage has been a favorite of Laguna Beach travelers for years.
Call David (850) 819-3331 for more information about this great property!

Go to our Website and Click on the Oleander Cottage for lots of pictures. It's Only 30 F E E T to the Beach!

(850) 819-3331
Booking N O W !! We Own and Manage 3 Cottages/Houses and 3 Condos in this Same Area. We Have Over 160 Perfect Guest Posted Reviews on a national site!
You have just found some of Panama City Beach's BEST Rentals. We are Local Owners who manage our own properties ourselves. We have something for families of all sizes, from couples up to large families. Take a Look at Our Website and Please let us know what questions you may have.
Call David (850) 819-3331
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