Gemini Queen Head Boat

  • 5550 North Lagoon Drive
  • Panama City, FL 32408
(800) 874-2415

One of the original Queen Fleet, the Gemini Queen is an 89′ wooden double hull catamaran with a lot of shade on the sides and back, and a nice wide curving bow. She holds 72 Fishing Spots marked around the perimeter of the rail and can take 10 additional riders.

The Gemini Queen fishes in the Federal Waters of the Gulf of Mexico; your trip time will be approximately 1/2 travel to and from, and 1/2 time in the fishing reef areas. Leaving at 9:00 am, this is a great trip for those who want to sleep in a little and still get your fishing time in!
9:00am to 3:00pm
Fishing Price – $70.00
Riders – $30.00

  • Family Friendly:
  • Free Parking:
  • Military Discount:
  • Motor Coach Parking: