Loaf Cafe & Bakery

  • 284 S Arnold Road
  • Panama City Beach, FL 32413
(850) 234-3388

Open the door, take a step...

Smell the freshly baked bread. Look around and you are greeted by the smiles of friendly, happy people. Make your way inside toward a variety of beautiful, made from scratch desserts at our counter. In just a few minutes you take your first sip of the finest coffee. It's strong and hot, the sensation washes over you like a wave on the beach.

Order small or large portions from our diverse organic food menu including traditional Russian and vegan-friendly items. With each visit we promise to try to make your day a little bit better. We are happy to be here, and thankful for the opportunity to cook the best quality food and create a warm and friendly atmosphere for you.

Mila and Mikhail Strelets,

Loaf Cafe and Bakery Owners