Getting Around

Getting Around

Looking for a way to get around the beach?

Panama City Beach offers miles of beaches, great parks, and a wide selection of shopping, restaurants, and places to stay - To see it all, you might find yourself riding the Bay Towne Trolley, taking a shuttle bus or charter, hopping in a taxi, or picking up a rental car. 

There are only two basic directions you need to know during your Panama City Beach trip: east and west (the city is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the South, and the western reaches of the St. Andrews Bay to the north).

Panama City Beach is divided into three sections: West, Middle and East beaches. The three main east/west routes are commonly known as Front Beach Road, Middle Beach Road, and Back Beach Road (although Middle Beach Road is also known as Hutchinson Blvd., and Back Beach Road is more properly called Panama City Beach Parkway).

To get around quickly, take Front Beach Road only if you're traveling short distances. Here you'll find the bulk of the condos, restaurants and souvenir shops, as well as quick access to the famous white sand beaches.

Take Middle Beach Road when traveling up to a few miles east to west (or when traffic is congested on Front Beach Road).

For most efficient travel, take Back Beach Road when traveling more 3 miles or more.

Thomas Drive offers the fastest access to the eastern section of Panama City Beach, and travels south to the Gulf before turning west to follow the coast.