Spring Break Responsibly in Panama City Beach

Are you coming to Panama City Beach to get in a little rest, relaxation and, of course, to have some fun on spring break?

Well, we would expect nothing less! Get ready to grab your beach towels and pack your sunscreen. But, before you let your hair down and hit the sand, we have a few tips for you from the spring break experts.

Following these suggestions will help keep you safe and make you feel right at home while you're here!                                                                                                             

1) Grab your buddies, your wingman and your best girlfriends!

Crowds are king in Panama City Beach, so travel with your entourage. It's your responsibility to keep tabs on your friends and they, in turn, will have your back. It's much more enjoyable to cruise the beach in twos, three or even tens. Spring Break is not the time to leave a friend alone under any circumstances.

2) Use sunscreen and reapply often. Remember the sun is extremely intense, even on overcast days. No one wants to stay in a hotel room with a painful, irritating sunburn while friends are enjoying the beautiful Panama City Beach destination.

3) Drink lots and LOTS of water while in the sun. Dehydration is very dangerous, so be responsible. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

4) There are flags flying on the beach as to warn you of the water conditions. If there are two red flags, the water is CLOSED. That means do not try to wade. Do not try to go swimming. Just don't get in the water at all. There are no lifeguards on duty. Which means again, be responsible.

6) Feel comfortable approaching sand patrol officers. If you have concerns or questions regarding your safety on the beach, the police are there to help. Panama City Beach has increased the number of officers on sand patrol and throughout the community to ensure everyone has a great time during Spring Break.

7) Drinking Responsibly (21 years and older):

  • Drinking on the sandy white beach is prohibited during the month of March. 

  • Obey law enforcement, because yes, you can go to jail.

  • Know your limits.

  • Do not drink and drive or drink and swim.

  • Get transportation (take a taxi or check with your hotel).

  • Keep your identification with you and hotel wristbands on.

  • Watch your drink, and don't accept anything that is already open.

  • Be cautious of traffic; don't walk out into the street without paying attention.

  • Help keep our beaches beautiful by picking up your trash.

  • Alcohol and balconies do not mix.

Panama City Beach is the place for your Spring Break. Have fun, but remember to be responsible. Follow these tips so you'll make it home safely and full of excellent memories!

Click here for a more detailed flyer on the new laws of the land for Spring Break in Panama City Beach.