Redfish Windfall

Outstanding redfish action in the shallow flats is a great reason to spend a fall day on the water near Panama City Beach.  Capt. Justin Leake and Steve Hare, a Central Florida resident and longtime client, decide against fighting windy conditions in the open water and instead head for the shore where it’s slick calm.

Poling through the water with maximum stealth, Justin and Steve soon find redfish stacked up and eager to bite.  Justin describes how the fish take on a dark, copper color when they move into areas with dark grass and bottom.  Although redfish are very sensitive to boat traffic and fishing pressure, timing and patience can yield great results – even small fish pull hard and make exciting runs in shallow water.

Clouds plus breezy conditions can make sight fishing difficult, but the wind finally dies down in the afternoon.  That’s when local fishing guide Steve Bachman and client Ernie Cavitt grab their fly rods and enjoy some amazing skirmishes with the resident redfish!