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The Visitors Information Center for Panama City Beach, Florida is located at 17001 Panama City Beach Parkway.

Call 1-800-PCBEACH (800-722-3224) for Panama City Beach information and assistance in Canada, call 1-800-553-1330 or email info@visitpanamacitybeach.com.

The administrative offices are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call (850) 233-5070 to reach the administrative office.

If you would like to submit a public records request, please click here for more information.



Dan Rowe Panama City Beach Florida Dan Rowe, President/ CEO
Marcia Bush, Vice President of Administration Marcia Bush
JMB Headshot                                                     J. Michael Brown, Vice President of             Tourism Development
Charlene Honnen, Director of Finance






Bay County Film Commission

Julie Gordon         

Julie Gordon, Bay County Film Commissioner



Group Sales

Ann Gager Ann Gager, Vice President of Sales
Renee Wuerdeman, Director of Conference & Group Sales Renne W Headshot
Anne Williams headshot Anne Williams, Group Sales Manager


Marketing and Public Relations

jayna leach

Jayna Leach,

Vice President of Marketing

Michaelean Stewart,

Interactive Marketing Manager

Michaelean Stewart Headshot
                                       Catie Feeney Headshot

Catherine Feeney,

Public Relations Manager

Brianna Webb,

Marketing Coordinator

Brianna Webb Headshot


Sports Marketing and Special Events

Richard Sanders Headshot Richard Sanders, Vice President of Sports Marketing and Special Events
Chris O'Brien, Director of Sports                  Marketing and Special Events Chris O'Brien Headshot
patrick stewart Patrick Stewart, Sports and Special Events Operations Manager


Visitor Services

Barrie Ainslie Barrie Ainslie, Director of Visitor Services
Dara Davis, Visitor Information Specialist Dara Adams
Nelda Fields Nelda Fields, Visitor Information Specialist
Traci Smith, Visitor Information Specialist Traci Smith Panama City Beach Florida
Bill poteet Bill Poteet, Visitor Information Specialist
Susan Seals, Visitor Information Specialist Susan Seals 2
carolyn thomas Carolyn Thomas, Visitor Information Specialist