Episode Eleven

While Panama City Beach has been the “go to” spot for millions of vacationers over the years, its world-class fishery has remained something of a secret. As generations of visitors enjoyed the sugar-white sand, savvy anglers knew the real action was happening offshore. This week, we take a look back at Panama City Beach’s rich angling history.

Capt. Scott Lindsey, longtime beach resident and angler, shares vintage photos and personal memories of fishing trips long past. Those trips didn’t include high-tech equipment such as GPS and side scan sonar that helps modern anglers locate fish. “You didn’t know what the bottom looked like,” says Capt. Lindsey. “You mostly would just go from place to place and drop down.”

Also, we hop on board a dive boat headed to one of the shipwrecks popular with recreational divers and tag along with Capt. Justin Leake and family as they explore freshwater Econfina Creek and Deer Point Lake. Later, the competition heats up when Justin and Capt. Travis Holeman hit the arcade at Funland, a Panama City Beach institution.