Episode Five

Cutting-edge technology is transforming practically every aspect of our daily lives and, for the modern angler, it’s providing unprecedented opportunities to guarantee a productive day on the water.

This week, Capt. Justin Leake shares the boat with Bill Carson of Johnson Outdoors to learn how the company’s innovative “One Boat Network” ensures its Humminbird fish finders and Minn Kota trolling motors work together to give anglers an edge.

“You can call me ‘lazy,’ but if the technology is available to make me more productive, then I’m going to use it,” says Capt. Leake.

After Carson provides hands-on instructions for linking Justin’s dash-mounted fish finder to his bow-mounted trolling motor, the pair heads out into the Gulf of Mexico for the ultimate test.  Using Humminbird to find the fish and Minn Kota to lock the boat in position, Justin and Bill are free to enjoy a day of tight lines and exciting catches of mahi mahi and snapper.

Also, we check in at Grand Lagoon where invading swashbucklers face a flotilla of kids determined to repel their “attack” in a fun-filled water cannon fight during the annual Pirates of the High Seas Fest in Panama City Beach.

One Boat, Many Fish