Forward thinking back part 1

Capt. Travis Holeman and Capt. Justin Leake reflect on their friendship that grew through fishing together over several seasons of Chasin’ The Sun. When methodical planner Justin needed an angling partner, free-wheeling Travis joined the crew in season three and provided the perfect balance of fishing and fun.

“I’m most familiar with the fishery here in Panama City Beach, so Travis adds perspective based on his vast experience fishing many different locations,” says Justin. “This has always been about doing cool stuff with cool people and that’s the reason I got into this,” adds Travis.

The pair look back at some of their most memorable moments, from their first trip targeting bull redfish to the infamous paddleboarding episode when Travis went “overboard.” Along the way, they’ve shared tips and tricks to help anglers make the most of their time on the water.

“We’re creating experiences that teach other people how to catch fish and not just showing us catching fish,” says Justin.

True to form, Travis offers some practical advice his customers seeking a successful charter fishing trip. “If they bring lunch for me, it’s such a better day for them!”

Chasin' The Sun Season 6 Episode 11: Forward Thinking Back, Part 1