Tarpon International

The Chasin' The Sun crew heads into the Gulf of Mexico to ambush migrating tarpon.  Capt. Justin Leake is joined by Mark Fisher, a Minnesota native who grew up fishing clear freshwater lakes but moved to Florida and became an avid saltwater angler and skiff builder.  Fisher uses materials from his successful hunting trips -- deer hair and duck feathers -- to fashion flies that attract tarpon, a process he calls "coming full circle."  Keys to success when fly fishing for silver kings?  Patience, practice, attention to detail and keeping the fly inside a 16" box in front of the fish's face.  Meanwhile, Harri Hotti of Finland is in Panama City Beach to pursue the catch of a lifetime.  An accomplished fishing guide back home, Hotti describes how he positions the fly to maximize opportunities for hook ups.  His "think like a fish" technique yields a monster tarpon and an emotional response.