Jacks on Top

On a perfect day in the Gulf of Mexico off Panama City Beach, it’s a ten minute boat ride to find crazy topwater action for amberjack.  In this week’s episode, Capt. Justin Leake and fellow fishing guide Jason Giles bust out their fly rods for an “A-J” feeding frenzy and all the tug they can handle.

Justin explains why anglers targeting amberjack don’t have to be expert casters or use ultra-technical leader setups as required when tarpon fishing.  He also discusses how proper line management helps avoid tangles and ensure quality hookups.

Although most fishing trips begin with cast nets and baitfish, Justin’s favorite game plan is to not have a plan at all.  That means keeping an open mind and taking advantage of each day’s unique weather and water conditions.  The formula pays off bigtime when Justin and local fishing guide Jordan Todd hook into a sailfish just a couple of miles offshore!