Episode Nine

Growing up around water hasn’t always been about the fishing for Capt. Justin Leake. As a youngster, he spent many days behind – and not on – a boat while wakeboarding with his friends. This week, Justin is joined by one of those buddies who went on to become a professional wakeboarder.

Andrew Adkison has just returned from Peru where he won a gold medal for Team USA at the Pan American Games. On a beautiful day at Lake Powell, he shows off his high-flying championship skills and challenges Capt. Leake to prove that he can still catch air as well as he catches fish.

Afterwards, the pair hop on board Justin’s Dorado 25 and the tables get turned when Andrew must show whether he retained any of his angling ability in the intervening years. After warming up with some aggressive Spanish mackerel, it’s time to fulfill Andrew’s dream of catching a huge bull redfish just off Panama City Beach.

“We grew up in the perfect spot because it’s a different adventure every time,” says Adkison. “When we doubled up on those reds, that was the icing on the cake.”

Later, Capt. Travis Holeman takes us on a tour of beautiful and historic Camp Helen State Park, which is surrounded on three sides by water, including Lake Powell, a rare coastal dune lake and the largest of its kind in Florida.

Chasin' The Sun Season 5 Episode 9: Wakefish