Episode Six

When country music star Tyler Farr ventures down to Panama City Beach during a rare break from touring, he hooks up with Capt. Justin Leake and fills the cooler with a Gulf Coast delicacy.

Downtime days don’t come often for the chart-topping artist, so Justin wants to make sure Tyler gets some well-deserved rest and relaxation. But break time ends when the mahi mahi show up and all the pair can think about is fish tacos for dinner!

Later, a lucky viewer and his son hop on board the “Chasin’ The Sun” boat for some near shore reef fishing. After showing them how to “unlearn” their freshwater angling techniques, Capt. Leake locks the boat in position and they spend the rest of the day battling snapper, grouper and amberjack.

Sharing Panama City Beach’s diverse fishery with visiting anglers gives Justin a sense of satisfaction. “I love to take people out and teach fishing,” he says. “I have fun watching it all come together and seeing the enjoyment on their faces.”

Also, we join the parade through the streets of Pier Park during the annual Pirates of the High Seas Fest in Panama City Beach.

A Fish Not Farr