Episode One

After spending last season sharing Panama City Beach’s fisheries with his co-host, Capt. Justin Leake makes a trek to Key West for a look at Capt. Travis Holeman’s world in the season four premiere of Chasin’ The Sun. At the southernmost tip of the continental U.S., he finds “Travis Time” to be a little slower and a lot less planned.

But those aren’t the only differences. Whereas Panama City Beach offers a straight line path for migrating species, the Florida Keys are made up of hundreds of islands. With the Gulf of Mexico on the north side and Atlantic Ocean to the south, two totally different tides also challenge even the most experienced angler.

In Panama City Beach, the redfish is the year-round “go to” fish for many anglers. In the Keys, it’s the permit and Travis never tires of catching them. Justin has caught a few permit in shallow water while sight fishing his home waters, but his co-host is the “master” of deep water techniques and hooks Justin up with some of the biggest permits he’s ever seen. Later, the duo fishes floating islands of sargassum seaweed teeming with mahi mahi.

Though geography and techniques may differ, Justin learns in just a few days on unfamiliar waters that “fishing is fishing” and success comes to those who make the effort. And when you’re on “Travis Time,” it can take quite a bit of effort! 


Locations in this episode:

Boardwalk Beach Resort