Seasonal Cycle

A wide variety of fish species populate the waters surrounding Panama City Beach, but it’s the redfish that many anglers count on for year ‘round action.

This week, local fishing guide Capt. Steve Bachman takes a client on a fly fishing trip – what he calls a “total visual experience” – to the flats.  In the crystal clear water, their objective is to see the fish and present the bait before it sees them.  Capt. Bachman explains how redfish rely on tidal action to deliver prey such as shrimp and crabs to the shallows and creek mouths.

Cruising along the beach, host Justin Leake and local guide Todd Jones spot large schools of redfish eager for a fight.  The day ends with Capt. Leake sharing his proven techniques for targeting redfish in deep water.

Proper boat maintenance is vital in a harsh saltwater environment and dry storage can be a great option.  Jim Hamilton of Pirate’s Cove Marina explains how dry storage offers protection from the elements and “concierge” convenience for boat owners.

Finally, Capt. Leake and professional angler Sam Root hop on standup paddle boards for some friendly competition catching redfish in the bay.