Episode One

When the tarpon action off Panama City Beach is as hot as a four alarm fire, it’s time to call in a pro.

In the season five premiere of “Chasin’ The Sun,” Capt. Justin Leake gives Kevin Lolley – a full-time fireman and part-time professional fishing guide – his first shot at hooking an acrobatic silver king during the annual summer migration along Florida’s coast.

As a guide, Capt. Lolley focuses on the bays and reefs and has never fished for tarpon. “All through snapper season, he’s running right past these tarpon,” says Leake. “I’ve been wanting to show him that he’s missing out on the ultimate gamefish.”

When it comes to the finicky tarpon, simply getting a bite can be termed a success, but Lolley is the rare angler that lands one on his first trip. Just don’t call it beginner’s luck. “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity,” says Justin. “Of course, my preparation and the opportunities that I created made Kevin lucky!”

Meanwhile, Capt. Travis Holeman overcomes his fear of heights and goes for a spin on the Skywheel, one of Panama City Beach’s newest and most popular attractions.

Tarpon on Fire