Episode Ten

It’s a fresh take on some old memories as Capt. Justin Leake and Capt. Travis Holeman demonstrate how they see things from a perspective that’s not always apparent to the average angler. Our intrepid co-hosts watch footage from previous seasons and try to identify what’s on the end of their fishing line based on the tackle they used, location and weather conditions.  It’s not easy, considering that they’ve landed hundreds of fish in dozens of hotspots during six seasons of “Chasin’ The Sun.”

“The amount of information we can process just by looking at a film clip is amazing,” says Capt. Leake. “When we see the footage, all those memories come back.”

Memorable moments from past episodes include a sailfish caught a few hundred yards off the sandy beach, one of the biggest lionfish Justin has ever snagged on hook and line, and deer swimming out into the Gulf of Mexico before being herded back toward the safety of shore.

Later, Capt. Holeman checks out the hot rods and vintage vehicles at Emerald Coast Cruizin, a classic car show held twice each year in Panama City Beach.


Chasin' The Sun Season 6 Episode 10: Trick Line & Sinker