Episode Six

Country music star Lee Brice takes a break from songwriting and joins Capt. Justin Leake to explore Lake Powell, one of Florida’s largest coastal dune lakes.  

The Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling artist is in town working on his new album. “This part of the country has become like a second home and a very inspirational place for me,” says Brice, who wrote his current hit single “Rumor” during a previous songwriting session in Panama City Beach.

Coastal dune lakes are rare ecosystems found in only a few locations throughout the world. Fed by creeks, rainwater and storm surge, Lake Powell occasionally connects to the Gulf Mexico via a channel cut through the sand. The resulting mixture of freshwater and saltwater creates a brackish blend that attracts species ranging from largemouth bass to speckled trout.

When an afternoon thunderstorm brings a premature end to the fishing trip, Lee takes Justin back to his beachside studio for an all-access sneak preview of a song he wrote just the night before. “It’s one of the few times I’ve been eager to get the boat outof the water,” says Capt. Leake.

Also, Justin and Capt. Travis Holeman discover that BOTE’s new motorized paddleboard gets anglers to the shallow fishing hotspots where conventional boats can’t go.