Cast & Blast Beach Style

Winter in Panama City Beach opens up a variety of new outdoor activities.  Host Justin Leake hooks up with local guide Todd Jones and his son Jacob, 13, for a morning duck hunt followed by an afternoon of fishing.  It's the last hunt for Justin's bird dog, Avery, a yellow Labrador Retriever who's retiring from the field after ten years.  Justin marvels at Todd's efficient decoy deployment and describes how Northwest Florida's mild winters -- and prized Redhead ducks -- attract snow-bound hunters from around the country.  Later that day, it's the thrill of the unknown catch that excites this trio as they fish one of the many artificial reefs just offshore.  Scamp, amberjack and trigger fish are just a few of the species that get pulled to the surface on this trip.  Justin shows how to replace the treble hooks on an artificial lure with J hooks, which ensures a healthy catch-and-release.


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