Stone Crab Celebration

On opening day of stone crab season, local restaurant owner Justin Buxton and friend Kevin Reid search the shallow water of St. Andrews Bay for the tasty crustaceans.  Buxton explains how tidal flow and water temperature affect the location of "crab holes" (often found near oyster beds, grass flats and underwater ledges), describes how to determine if a claw is of legal size for harvest, and shows how to remove the claw without harming the crab. Josh Wakstein of Hy's Toggery and Alli Benton of Costa address the importance of eye protection and how to select sunglasses for water-based activities or everyday wear.  Capt. Brad Benton, Costa Pro Staff angler, describes his "go to" lens color for a day on the water. Capt. Nate Chennaux guides a redfish trip with Mark Nichols, founder of D.O.A. Lure Company. Nichols describes how water quality, abundant shoreline and diversity of the fishery combine to make Panama City Beach an angling hotspot.