Bonita Bonanza

Capt. Justin Leake is joined by Capt. Kyle Pitts, a PCB-based professional fishing guide, on a "run & gun" bonita trip along the coast of Panama City Beach. On the way through the St. Andrews Pass, they stop at one of Pitt's redfish hotspots and find success using plastic baits on jigs. Their plan is to use electronics to locate redfish and, once out in the Gulf of Mexico, use the boat's tower to sight fish for bonita. Justin explains the proper technique for spooling off line and moving the fly fast enough to catch the speedy bonita (also known as "albies"). Pitts describes how birds working the water above baitfish schools -- sent to the surface by marauding bonita -- is a key to locating fish. Justin and co-host Aleese Maples fish the St. Andrews Pass for redfish. Justin explains how to work the line during hook-up, just in time for Aleese to catch a 40" bull redfish.


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