Grand Lagoon Treasure Hunt

Panama City Beach’s Grand Lagoon is the locals’ worst kept secret… the epicenter for entertainment, dining out and adventure by land or sea, the Grand Lagoon offers widespread opportunities to discover and explore. Authentic culinary creations, soulful new Grand Lagoon Treasure Huntsounds and shops full of imaginative treasures abound, and as the Gateway to the Gulf, the mysteries of the deep are right at your fingertips.

While a day in the Grand Lagoon is a reward in itself, we’re upping the ante with a fun, self-propelled photo scavenger hunt. Share images from the categories below for a chance to win prizes, and like our Facebook page to stay in the know about all the fun you can have!

How to Play

Open Instagram and follow @grandlagoonpcb and @visit_pcb. Then simply post photos from the categories below with #GrandLagoon and #RealFunBeach, along with the category hashtag for each photo. Winners will be chosen in each category at Pirates of the High Seas Fest on Sunday, October 7 at Capt. Anderson’s Marina. Enter as many images per category as you choose (contest ends at midnight on October 6th). All submissions will automatically be entered in contest; winners will be announced at 3PM on Sunday, October 7th at Capt. Anderson’s Marina during the Pirates of the High Seas Fest.
Seek and ye shall find. Share and ye may win.

Here's what your Hunting

  • #SunsetRitual – Sunsets are magical… the light is soft, the sky is brilliant and the possibilities are endless. Join in one of the time-honored sunset traditions of the Grand Lagoon (sunset cruises, cannon firings, National Anthem salutes, etc.) or share one of your own with the rest of us
  • #MermaidSighting or #PirateSighting – Mermaids are real, but they are elusive. You may find live mermaids in the water, on the beach or in the pool, or you might transform into one yourself. You can always find homage to the mermaid in the eclectic emporiums of the Grand Lagoon. Pirates are everywhere, but sometimes disguise themselves to blend into the crowd. Tap into your inner mermaid or pirate to tune into this secret society.
  • #Aquanaut – The Gateway to the Gulf provides the best way to get out and explore the waters PCB is famous for, and the choices are endless in the Grand Lagoon, Gulf of Mexico and St Andrews Bay. Fishing, diving, paddling, snorkeling… you get the idea. How do you define aqua amusement?
  • #SomethingNew – Life is all about discovery and the Grand Lagoon invites you to widen your own lens. With the most independent businesses in Panama City Beach, daily live entertainment and diverse experience operators, along with the award winning St. Andrews State Park, every turn offers something new. Where’s the new pin on your map?
  • #Wildlife – Wildlife in the Grand Lagoon takes many forms and can be found in the most unexpected places. St. Andrews State Park and the surrounding waters provide ample opportunities to capture pics of exotic birds and elusive alligators, along with dolphin, rays and sea turtles. Two legged wildlife are rampant in the local bars and restaurants. Define it as you will!
  • #BeachPCB – How do you do the beach? Sun worshiper, shell hunter, wave rider, surf caster or sandcastle engineer… share what you love most about our sugar sand beaches and emerald green waters.
  • #Oysters and Pearls – Together or apart, we love them both. Whether in their natural environment, served on a platter or strung on leather, oysters and pearls are treasures always worth hunting for.

Need Ideas for Bonus Points

  • A selfie at a beautiful vantage point
  • An incredible meal, food item or drink
  • An action shot during one of your pursuits (snorkeling, fishing, cruising, etc.)
  • An amazing panoramic pic from your favorite place in the Grand Lagoon