February 9th is National Pizza Day, which means it's the perfect day to pig out on all of the drool-worthy pizza Panama City Beach has to offer! While we're known for our Gulf fresh seafood, we also have some delicious pizza places.  From thick crust with pepperoni to thin crust and veggies, you're sure to find your perfect slice.

Bricks & Barley

Bricks & Barley Pizza has some of the most unique pizza options on the beach. They have pizzas like the Thai Pie, which has toppings like curry chicken and a sweet Thai chili drizzle, or the PBR, with pepperoni, bacon and ricotta. If you want to make your own pizza, you can stick to the classic toppings, or add crazy toppings like macaroni noodles, ribeye steak or hot sauce.

Mr. Maine's Pizzeria

Mr. Maine's Pizzeria is a relatively new but well-known pizzeria option located off of Front Beach Road across from Edgewater Beach Resort. Their Pestoilous pizza is awesome, and has a pesto base instead of red sauce, or you can try the Shrimp pizza for the seafood vibe you're looking for in Panama City Beach, with goat cheese, arugula, red onion and shrimp. They also offer pizza by the slice if you're just looking for a snack instead of an entire pizza.

Nick's Slice of Brooklyn 

If you're looking for delicious New York style pizza in the heart of Panama City Beach, Nick's Slice of Brooklyn is the place to go. Owned and operated by Nick, who's been working in the pizza business since he was 15, he's a New York native who's perfected the art of New York style pizza. They also have delicious desert options like New York cheesecake and cannolis.

Patches Pub

Patches pizza is a favorite among both locals and visitors. Their pizza is thin and round, different from many others on the list and in Panama City Beach. Their cheese or pepperoni pizza is delicious, but they also have options like taco pizza and barbecue pizza. They also offer great bar food like wings and burgers.