As February 9th rolls around, pizza lovers across the globe eagerly anticipate the celebration of National Pizza Day—a cherished occasion dedicated to honoring one of the world's most beloved culinary creations. In Panama City Beach, located along the stunning Gulf Coast of Florida, locals and visitors alike have the perfect opportunity to join in the festivities. From cozy pizzerias nestled along the bustling streets to beachfront eateries offering stunning views, there's no shortage of ways to indulge in this iconic dish while soaking up the sun. Whether you prefer classic cheese or adventurous toppings, National Pizza Day in Panama City Beach promises a delectable experience for all.

Bricks & Barley

Bricks and Barley stands out in Panama City Beach for its distinctive pizza creations, offering a unique twist on this beloved dish that keeps locals and visitors coming back for more. They have pizzas like the Thai Pie, which has toppings like curry chicken and a sweet Thai chili drizzle, or the Charlotte’s Truffle, a veggie pizza with mozzarella, rosemary, mushrooms and a drizzle of Truffle oil. If you want to make your own pizza, you can stick to the classic toppings, or add crazy toppings like ribeye steak, shrimp or hot sauce.

Mr. Maine's Pizzeria

Mr. Maine's Pizzeria is a relatively new but well-known pizzeria option located off of Front Beach Road across from Edgewater Beach Resort. A hot topic recently sweeping the internet, does pineapple belong on pizza? Mr. Maine says absolutely! One of their popular pizzas is the Pineapple Express, loaded BBQ chicken, bacon, and pineapple. Some of their pizza also have a pesto base instead of red sauce. They also offer pizza by the slice if you're just looking for a snack instead of an entire pizza.

Nick's Slice of Brooklyn 

If you're looking for delicious New York style pizza in the heart of Panama City Beach, Nick's Slice of Brooklyn is the place to go. Owned and operated by Nick, who's been working in the pizza business since he was 15, he's a New York native who's perfected the art of New York style pizza. Looking for an extraordinary pizza experience? Order a slice of The God Father or The Mama Mia, you won’t regret it! 

Patches Pub

Patches Pizza is highly favored by both Panama City Beach locals and visitors alike. Setting itself apart with its thin and round crust, distinct from others in the area, Patches offers a delightful array of options. While their classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas are undeniably delicious, patrons can also relish in specialties like taco and barbecue pizzas. Moreover, their menu extends beyond pizzas to include delectable bar food such as wings and burgers, ensuring there's something to satisfy every craving.

Great White Pizza

Great White Pizza is a family owned and operated pizzeria located in PCB’s popular shopping center, Pier Park. Just walking distance from the beautiful turquoise water and Russell-Fields City Pier. This is a great spot for a classic pepperoni pizza or venture out and try something new and different. Their Mojo Pork, the Cuban and the Rip Tide are all out-of-the-box pizzas on their menu any pizza enthusiast should sample.