Parasailing in Panama City Beach

Get ready to see the Gulf Coast in a whole new way! 

Panama City Beach is an ideal location for parasailing, whether it’s your first time engaging in the sport or your first time doing so in PCB. Soar above our shimmering waters and soft white sand beaches with one of our parasailing outfitters ready to make your dream of flight a soaring reality.

Reasons to Try Parasailing

Parasailing provides a panoramic view of the 27-mile Panama City Beach shoreline. From high above, spot sunbathers and anglers on the beach and see the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay as you fly over the untouched Shell Island surrounded by turquoise water. 

A bird’s-eye view also allows parasailers to spot local marine life – dolphins, stingrays, and sea turtles – beyond what you can see from shore or on a boat. It’s a unique adventure guaranteed to make your vacation a memorable one. 

Who to Book With

Which outfitter you choose to go with ultimately comes down to what you'd like to experience on a parasailing trip. 

The following outfitters have marina locations on the Grand Lagoon. You can choose to fly solo or with one or two friends.

FunPCB, for instance, offers several types of parasailing rides based on distance (two, three, or four-mile), the number of dips, and the height of the parasail. For cheaper rates, opt for the early bird package. At the start of the trip, you’ll meet at the marina, from where you'll hop on a parasailing boat and ride through the Grand Lagoon to St. Andrews Bay. From there, you'll take off for an unforgettable experience over Shell Island and more. The outfitter also offers sunset cruises and jet ski dolphin tours, among other water activities. 

Paradise Watersports also offers the early bird and two types of excursions; Shell Island or beach parasailing. The Shell Island adventure transports you to St. Andrews Bay and Shell Island on a parasailing boat from the marina. If you opt for beach parasailing, you’ll hop on a banana boat ride to the parasail boat and, from there, take off. All excursions can be customized based on length (two, three, or four-mile), the number of dips, and the height of the parasail. The outfitter also has kiosks across PCB.

Adventures At Sea will also take you to Shell Island and the bay area. The outfitter has various beachside kiosks across Panama City Beach and a main location on the Grand Lagoon. You can also customize your trip based on height, length, and dips. Adventures at Sea also offers jet ski rentals, dolphin tours, and pontoon boat rentals.

Some outfitters offer a complimentary photo, and most provide photo and/or video as an add-on, so all you have to do is hold tight and enjoy the moment.

Of all the things to do in Panama City Beach, parasailing is extra special. Come and see what the Gulf Coast looks like from above. Be bold and try this breathtaking activity during your next stay with us.