Foodie Goodies

As a true foodie, you experience the world powerfully through your senses, especially your taste buds. And in your travels, you’re always seeking out new sensations and bold flavors. With its warm sun, aquamarine waters, and verdant wild spaces, Panama City Beach lays out a feast for the senses. Fortunately, its unique geography also makes it an ideal locale for fresh coastal cuisine inflected with Cajun, Gulf Coast, and American Southern traditions. Whether you yearn for fresh-caught fish, hanker for barbecue or crave the down-home heat of a hearty gumbo, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Panama City Beach.

Delectable Dining

Known as the Seafood Capital of the South, Panama City Beach has cast its hooks into seafood lovers around the globe. No trip to PCB would be complete without a sit-down dinner at Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant, where gourmands can dine on specialties like grilled shrimp caught fresh from the Gulf or oven-broiled grouper paired with a crisp sauvignon blanc. Positioned with an exquisite view of the marina, Capt. Anderson’s has been serving the community for over fifty-five years. Given that the restaurant practices sustainable fishing, it’s perfect for foodies that value atmosphere, tradition and ethical eating.

In addition to savoring traditional fare, you want to experience the depth and range of native cuisine. Located in the Florida Panhandle, Panama City Beach is steeped in the tradition of southern barbecue. Your mouth will water the minute you smell the rich smoke of Back Beach Barbecue’s wood-fired barbecue pits. A visit to this iconic eatery will reward you with pork slow roasted over 12 hours or a weekend feast of smoked beef ribs.

Of course, you’re always searching for the next culinary kick and you’ll find it when you try PCB’s Cajun flare. Savor the spicy panache of homemade gumbo at Dee’s Hangout or tuck into a shrimp PoBoy on freshly baked Liedenhimer Brother's French bread.

Festival Flavors

You’re always looking to savor the local way of life in addition to the resident cuisine. You’ll find a dizzying array of food and culture to experience at Panama City Beach’s culinary festivals. Seafood lovers will adore October’s Lobster Festival, featuring live music, cold beer, and regional catches like the spiny and shovel-nosed lobster. Any epicurean knows that variety is the spice of life. Speaking of spice, the Blood Mary and Music Festival offers an assortment of this delectable adult beverage as restaurants compete to see who can mix the tastiest drink. Meanwhile, the springtime UNwineD festival features a tantalizing mix of varietals from regional vineyards in addition to the coolest new craft beers Florida has to offer.

From hearty terrestrial fare to coastal delicacies to one of a kind wines and beers, Panama City Beach has what you’re hungering for. The vibrant food culture of this dynamic city today is guaranteed to satisfy the most ravenous appetite for fun and flavor. So gather the squad, book a table, and make it yours!

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