Ice Cream & Desserts in Panama City Beach

There's nothing better than a sweet treat after spending the day lounging on the beach or exploring other local attractions. Whether you're craving two scoops of your favorite ice cream, a dozen donuts, or a piña colada cocktail inside a coconut, you can satisfy your sweet tooth any time of year at one of Panama City Beach's delectable dessert spots.

Get the Scoop

Head to Gulf Coast Burger Co. for epic (and we mean EPIC!) milkshakes. Served Southern-style in a mason jar and piled high with toppings, these Insta-worthy shakes will rock your world. Adults can order spiked versions of their childhood favorites.

As far as Pier Park restaurants go, life doesn't get any sweeter than at Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt. This family-friendly spot features self-serve fro-yo and all the toppings you can fit into one cup! It's always fun to see who can make the most exciting concoction. 

Treat yourself to a vibrant fusion of Thai and Hawaiian delicacies at Pokee & Ice Rolls. When you're ready for dessert, their friendly staff will guide you as you choose your ice cream base and mix-ins. Then, watch as they freeze, mix, and roll your dessert into a refreshing and tasty work of art.

Classic Confectioneries

Nestled across the dunes on a quiet stretch of beach, Thomas Donuts, a much-loved local hangout, is home to the area's most talked-about donuts. They also serve a full menu of sandwiches, snacks, and more. Another popular spot for fresh donuts is A’more Donuts, which also serves ice cream and lunch and dinner options, including pizza, burgers, and subs.

Gypsea Crepes features an eclectic collection of fresh, homemade sweet and savory crepes. Vegetarian options are also available, with flavorful nods to global cuisine. If you're feeling inspired, you can pick up a bag of crepe mix to test your culinary skills at home. 

Well-known chocolate chain Kilwin’s in Pier Park is an old-time confectionery store that puts on a show of making fudge. (You will smell it before you see it…just follow your nose!) Indulge in a treat from one of the long glass cases, brimming with mouthwatering delights. They also have a huge selection of ice cream flavors.

Tropical Treats for Kids & Adults

Coco Locos serves delicious frozen drinks like Bahama Mama and Mango Colada inside a coconut, pineapple, watermelon, or souvenir cup. Drinks at the hut are alcohol-free, but you do have the option to order an adult version right next door at their restaurant, Hook'd Pier Bar and Grill.

From donut joints and ice cream shops to boozy shakes and outrageous crepes, Panama City Beach has a sweet treat for everyone in your crew.