Airboats Gone Wild

  • 14856 Bayview Circle
  • Panama City Beach, FL 32413
(850) 234-1532

Take a Thrilling ECO adventure through the backwaters and marshes in search of alligators, dolphins and anything wild we might stir up. At the start of the trip the boat erupts alive with a thundering 502 cubic inch big block Chevy engine. Minutes later you are traveling at speeds nearing mach 10, sliding sideways through less than an inch of water. As the boat twists, turns, and skims through a maze of marsh grasses and islands, make sure your holding on. We take anyone from ages 2-200. The boat goes back into some places and creeks that no other type of boat can go. While there we stop to explain the boat, the area, and any wild life we see. If a picture is worth a thousand words then an actual tour is worth a trillion words.

Bring your camera, family, friends, drinks, flip flops, tic-tacs, sun-glasses, family friends, sunscreen, towel, Uncle Rick, Uber driver, kitchen sink, and learn why we blow all other competitors out of the water.