Paddleboard Yoga PCB with Heather Wiles

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Beginners Yoga on Paddleboards / Paddleboard Lagoon Tours / Surf training via Yoga / Surf Lessons


BE FREE WITH THE SEA by taking your YOGA to the WATER!
Hi there, My name is Heather Wiles I am a local gulf coast die hard surfergirl who is more then 15 years experienced with boards on water but to many flat spells! Then I discovered SUP YOGA and have sculpted my body more then ever while calming my mind and wish to bring this same success to YOU!
All paddleboards used are from Into the Blue Surf and Sport

YOGA FOR SURFING - this land class I teach at Studio by the Sea, it is all intense power yoga related with every move you do in surfing! I start with building strength in the upper body flowing into core strengthening and ending with lower body by turning your own yoga mat into a surfboard and learning how to pop up properly, distinguishing whether your a goofy foot surfer or regular followed by balancing on an INDO BOARD for the real deal feeling as if you are on a real surfboard on a wave!

SURF LESSONS - ultimately all classes lead to actual Surfing! this class is by appointment only and I provide the board, wax, and leash and I can show up anywhere thats convenient for you!

PADDLEBOARD LAGOON TOURS - dont want to do yoga on a paddleboard NO WORRIES lets just take a paddleboard tour down the Lagoon where sometimes a dolphin or manatee or sometimes both will make an appearance!

I do not list my prices because I truly enjoy chatting and getting personal w all my new coming friends but I will say this all classes and tours start at $10 and go up depending on which activity you care to join! Im not in it for the money its truly just a passion of life on the water that I want nothing more then to share with YOU!

I cant wait to hear from you soon!!!

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