PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla., June 20, 2016 – Using a grant from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Bay County was able to deploy five new super reefs off the coast of Panama City Beach on May 14, 2016. Standing 18 feet tall, weighing 18 tons and placed about 74 feet below the surface, these super reefs will come to life with living marine organisms, creating an ecosystem and habitat for fish, crabs, lobsters and more, and adding another artificial reef for divers and fisherman to enjoy.

“The history of diving in Panama City Beach goes deep – all U.S. military divers learn to dive here, and we’re home to numerous artificial reefs. We’re actually known as the Wreck Diving Capital of the South,” shares Visit Panama City Beach President and CEO Dan Rowe. “These new super reefs will be another great feature for both fishermen and divers to take advantage of.”

The five super reefs were deployed by Walter Marine three miles south of the Russell-Fields Pier, and about 9.8 miles from the St. Andrews Bay pass. The total cost of the project covered by the FWC grant was $60,000. The approximate GPS coordinates of the super reefs are as follows:

1.    30 10.196 Latitude 85 54.607 Longitude

2.    30 10.179 Latitude 85 54.567 Longitude

3.    30 10.176 Latitude 85 54.603 Longitude

4.    30 10.153 Latitude 85 54.594 Longitude

5.    30 10.138 Latitude 85 54.602 Longitude

For a video of the deployment, and underwater footage captured when the ropes were removed, click here. High-resolution images may be downloaded here

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