PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla., November 14, 2018 – Panama City Beach will host a variety of events for all ages throughout November and December as part of Beach Home for the Holidays, including its 11th Annual New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop. Tens of thousands of visitors are estimated to head to Panama City Beach for the December 31 event, which features a countdown, fireworks, and 10,000 inflatable beach balls being released from nets stretched over the streets of Pier Park. The 8 p.m. Beach Ball Drop gives young revelers the chance to experience the fun before they head to bed and let their parents continue the celebration.

More entertainment and live music will follow during the build up to midnight, when a dazzling fireworks display will accompany the lowering of a giant LED-lit beach ball to signify the beginning of 2019. Standing over 80 feet tall in the center of Pier Park, Panama City Beach’s Celebration Tower will support and lower the LED-lit beach ball as the New Year approaches.

“We can’t wait to gather as a community of residents and visitors, stronger than ever as we reflect on 2018 and usher in 2019 with one of the best New Year’s Eve events in the country,” shares President and CEO of Visit Panama City Beach Dan Rowe. “Our New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop gives guests of all ages the chance to celebrate, with activities timed to coincide with both little one’s bed times and adults seeking late night fun.”