The beautiful turquoise waters of Panama City Beach offer much more than just a breathtaking sight. Beneath the surface there’s a world of sea life waiting to be discovered. You can find these creatures by going on a tour or simply spending some time on the sugar-white sand beaches. 



Many look forward to catching a glimpse of dolphins while spending the day by the water. There are nine different species of porpoise that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico, but the most common are the Atlantic Bottlenose and the Spinner dolphin. You can see these playful creatures riding waves and leaping gracefully above the water’s surface. Their curiosity about investigating new objects brings them close to boats and catamarans making it easy to snag a picture of them. Whether chasing each other's wakes, riding the bow waves of boats, or executing synchronized jumps, observing dolphins at play in the waters of PCB is a mesmerizing experience.


Starfish and Sand Dollars

Exploring the shores of PCB is like embarking on a treasure hunt for the elusive starfish and delicate sand dollars. Starfish, with their vibrant hues ranging from fiery oranges to serene blues, lounge in tidal pools and shallow waters. Snorkeling is the best way to find starfish. Tour guides typically know their favorite places to hang out making them much easier to find. Meanwhile, sand dollars are scattered like hidden gems under the sand. Uncover these fragile creatures, you can shuffle your feet in the sand and slowly they will appear. The thrill of discovering these marine marvels in PCB is a testament to the beauty that lies just beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico's waters.



Venturing into the water unveils the magical world of seahorses, tiny creatures that dance with the gentle rhythm of the Gulf of Mexico. With their distinctive shape and whimsical tails, seahorses navigate through seagrass beds and hidden nooks along the seabed. As you travel through the shallow depths, the sunlight filters down, casting an ethereal glow on these elusive creatures. Patient observers might catch a glimpse of seahorses clinging to seagrass blades or camouflaging amidst coral. Seahorses are renowned for their intricate courtship rituals, during which the male seahorse carries and nurtures the developing eggs in a specialized pouch. 



Though extremely rare to see, Manatees are of the most docile marine mammals. When seen, they will often swim right up to snorkelers. They enjoy warm, shallow estuaries and lagoons along Florida's Gulf Coast. With their rotund bodies and paddle-shaped tails, manatees move through the water with a peaceful demeanor, occasionally surfacing to breathe with a distinctive "snorkel" exhale. PCB provides a sanctuary for these endangered creatures, offering abundant seagrass beds that form a significant part of their diet. Observing manatees in PCB not only provides a rare encounter with one of nature's most lovable marine mammals but also highlights the importance of conservation efforts to protect these gentle giants and their crucial habitats.


Various Fish Species

Snorkeling adventures in Panama City Beach introduces you to a diverse range of fish species, each exhibiting its own beauty. The emerald waters harbor colorful fish species such as the clownfish, parrotfish, angelfish, damselfish and butterflyfish. While other species such as the lionfish hold more than just fun colors. Their appearance gives the impression, they are rare, but lionfish are an extremely invasive species, meaning they don’t have many predators and become over populated easily. 

Fishing is Panama City Beach is a great for checking off bucket list catches! Red snapper, amberjack, marlin, mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, the options are limitless. In Panama City Beach, every fishing or snorkeling excursion becomes an opportunity to appreciate the variety of marine life dwelling beneath the surface.


Sea Turtles

There are many different species of sea turtle in the Panama City Beach area. Certain times of the year, these beautiful turtles come up on to the beach to lay their eggs in the sand. Freshly hatched sea turtles have a difficult time reaching the water when civilization is so close to the beach. Many conservation efforts are made to assist the nest and give them a better survival rate. While not on land laying eggs, sea turtles can be seen gliding along the surface of the water. A combination of the elegance of the species and the crystal-clear waters, offers a mesmerizing experience you will not soon forget.  


From playful dolphins to ancient sea turtles, the Gulf's diverse marine life adds a layer of enchantment to this coastal paradise. Whether you're a snorkeler, diver, or beachcomber, Panama City Beach invites you to explore its depths and connect with the captivating sea creatures that call it home.