National Oyster Day is celebrated every year on August 5th, and Panama City Beach is home to some of the freshest, tastiest oysters. From upscale waterfront restaurants to charming seafood shacks, here are some of our favorite places to celebrate!

Dat Cajun Place

Dat Cajun Place has some of the best Cajun food on the beach... which, of course, includes oysters! They offer great options for baked and grilled oysters, but their raw oysters are some of the best! If you need more than just oysters, they have tons of great Cajun options like po-boys and shrimp etouffee. 

Dusty's Oyster Bar

Dusty's Oyster Bar is one of those that everyone seems to know. They're located on the west end of Panama City Beach and have a great selection of oysters. Grab a saltine cracker and pour a little hot sauce on top and you're sure to have a delectable bite. If you like them baked, they have everything from Jalepeno baked to 3 cheese baked to their classic Dusty baked.

Grand Marlin

If you want to enjoy a beautiful view with an upscale dining experience, Grand Marlin is the place to go. You can grab a dozen delicious raw oysters served on a bed of ice while watching the sun set over the bay, or enjoy their signature BBQ oysters, baked with pepper jack cheese, garlic, and a BBQ butter. 


Around since 1967, Shuckum's is a local icon. They serve up tons of delicious oysters every day to the many locals and visitors who come by. They're located right next to Pier Park on Front Beach Road, a great spot for those looking for a bite after a day of shopping or laying in the sun. From the classic raw to a variety of baked flavors, you're sure to find the perfect oyster.