Keep your pet healthy while on vacation with the help of these tips from Dr. Matt LeBleu, a veterinarian at Animal Care Center Panama City Beach.

Things to Bring on Vacation

- Flea prevention/parasite control, due to exposure to common pet areas in condos, etc.

- Medical records/vaccine history in case veterinary care is required

- Extra medication for your pet if he or she is on regular medication


1) Watch your pet carefully while on the beach. Dr. LeBleu sees a high number of sand impaction cases that are caused by pets ingesting sand. He adds that sand toxicity is also possible when a pet is playing on the beach, as are health problems caused by drinking ocean water.

2) To avoid heatstroke, provide your pet with plenty of shade and fresh drinking water, whether you're on the beach or at the park.

3) Be aware that your pet may experience increased anxiety while on vacation, especially if he or she has a noise phobia. For example, fireworks on the Fourth of July can be very stressful for a pet. Consider medications to help your pet stay calm and comfortable.

4) Dr. LeBleu cautions against traveling with animals that have major health concerns. Doing so can sometimes exacerbate conditions and force emergency visits. Dr. LeBleu says, "We've seen many vacations ruined due to pet parents being faced with a euthanasia decision while away from home with their pet."