On March 23rd, celebrate National Chips & Dip Day, which makes it the perfect day to try all of the delicious dips PCB restaurants have to offer. From classic chips and salsa to smokey tuna dip, we've got something to satisfy every craving here at the Real.Fun.Beach.


Billy's Oyster Bar

Billy's Oyster Bar has four delectable chip and dip choices, featuring options like chips and salsa, smoked tuna dip, smoked salmon dip, and the undisputed star of the menu is the crab and shrimp parmesan dip. Despite initial skepticism about the pairing of seafood and cheese, this creamy dip has some of the best flavors. It's something you've never had before but will always keep you coming back for more.


Christo's Sports Bar & Grill

Christo's has the most delicious kale and artichoke dip. Get it with pita chips or veggies to share with the table, or keep it all for yourself. This dip will have you wanting to lick the bowl clean. Another option technically isn’t a dip, but Christo’s fried goat cheese is served with pita chips, mango chutney and corn salsa. The combination sounds crazy, but the outcome is absolutely mouthwatering.



If you are in the mood to sit by the beach and enjoy a casual lunch, Schooners is the place for you. Savor the Gulf Coast's culinary charm with Schooners' signature smoked tuna dip, topped with spices and paired with tortilla chips and jalapeños. Their tuna dip is rich and full of smoky flavor making you want to come back for more. 


C Level

Looking to try something a little different? Try C Level’s Crab Queso Dip! This delicious dip is loaded with crab, spices and generous amounts of gooey cheese. Served alongside crispy house-made tortilla chips, it's a flavor-packed journey sure to satisfy any craving for coastal cuisine. 


Craft Bar

Craft Bar's Chèvre & Avocado dip is like a flavor-packed rollercoaster for your taste buds! With creamy goat cheese and spicy avocado joining forces, each dip is a zesty explosion of deliciousness. Paired perfectly with crispy pita chips, it's the ultimate snack-time sensation that'll have you coming back for more.