The Bay County Artificial Reef Association (BCARA) sunk a 100-foot barge as an artificial reef off shore on Wednesday afternoon. The 432-ton barge will create an artificial reef that will help attract new sea-life and will be a new attraction for divers and fishers exploring the area. 

This artificial reef is located 30 miles off-shore and will not only benefit divers and fisherman, but many businesses in Bay County will benefit from this addition with recreational and commercial fisherman, both local and traveling, coming to explore this exciting new site.

It is estimated to take three to five years for the artificial reef to reach a level of maximum production of sea life and within hours of sinking the barge, bait fish will accumulate and this will eventually attract more sea life. What explores can expect to eventually see will be fish such as tuna, wahoo, king mackerel and more, making this a relatively unheard of artificial reef and one of the largest that has been deployed in decades in the area.

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