Everyone loves a trip to the beach, and here at Visit Panama City Beach, we like to make your beach trip as easy-breezy as possible. Whether you're going for a week, or just a day, these tips will help you have a fun, relaxing beach day!


Pack your bag!

To start the packing of your beach bag, you have to get a bag! Luckily, you can find a beach bag at just about every shop in PCB, you can even pick one up at the Panama City Beach Visitor Center.

The most important item to include in your beach bag is sunscreen. We recommend you apply sunscreen before you leave the house and if you have children, consider picking a brand that is for sensitive skin to avoid irritation. Next up is a towel, oversized is the best for laying out, but any size is great for drying off. Tip: sand resistant beach towels are the best! A commonly forgotten beach essential is lip balm. Your lips can burn just like your skin, so bring your SPF lip balm for your day out in the sun. 

Other items you might need to bring might include a hat, sunglasses, hair clips, hair brush and some even like to bring leave-in conditioner, so their hair stays silky smooth even in the salty water.



If you plan to go to the beach while visiting PCB, you’ll most likely spend many hours at the beach enjoying the sun. Bring a cooler and stop at a grocery store to pick up those your beach food favorites. 

A Florida staple is the Pub Sub and chip combo, for those who aren’t familiar with the iconic Pub Sub, short for Publix Sub, is a renowned sandwich available at Publix Supermarkets' deli section. It's a customizable creation typically made with a choice of bread, deli meats, cheeses, fresh vegetables, and condiments. Build your perfect Pub Sub and you are good to go!

Before you go to the beach always stop and get water. It’s very important to stock up on water for any beach day. Everyone loves the sun and salt water in PCB, so stay hydrated to continue enjoying your day. 



The sun in Panama City Beach is great, but we all need to get some shade every once and a while. If you plan to spend any longer than a couple hours out on the beach, bring your umbrella, beach tent, or sun shade to enjoy a shaded breezy escape during your time at the beach. 



Some people love to sit on the beach and just listen to the waves as they lap in, but some of us like to have something to focus on. Whether it’s listening to music, reading a book, throwing around a football or playing a game of beach volleyball, you can make your own fun during your time at the beach. 


Leave No Trace

Panama City Beach is known for having the "World's Most Beautiful Beaches," and we want to keep it that way for the enjoyment of everyone! For this reason, the "Leave No Trace" ordinance was issued for Panama City Beach in 2012. Simply put: Anything you bring to the beach with you should also leave the beach with you.