Bucket in sandEveryone loves a trip to the beach, and here at Visit Panama City Beach, we like to make your beach trip as easy-breezy as possible. Whether you're going for a week, or just a day, these tips will help you have a fun, relaxing beach day!

Real. FUN. Beach. Tips:

  • Apply sunscreen before you leave the house. If you have kids, consider a brand that is skin sensitive for babies.
  • An SPF of 40 is fine as long as you reapply it often.
  • Instead of bulky blankets and chairs, bring a synthetic roll-up mat. These are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to wash and carry.
  • The only toys you need are a bucket and shovel.
  • Munch on disposable snacks like fruits and veggies; instead of bottles, cans and cartons of sodas and juice, bring a jug or thermos of water.
  • Bring an umbrella or small canopy tent to keep yourself from getting too much sun.
  • Bring towels, but save them for the end of the day when you're salty and sandy.
  • Tuck in a change of clothes for the little ones so they aren’t wearing a wet suit in the car ride home.
  • A small inflatable baby pool placed under the shade of an umbrella and filled with a couple of toys will occupy wee ones for a long time.
  • Carry along a zip-lock plastic bag to keep your phone/camera and keys dry and sand free.
  • Keep cooler by heading to the beach before 1 p.m. or after 3 p.m.
  • Keep a beach bag in the car stocked with sunscreen, mat, bucket and shovel so all you have to do is just add fresh towels.
  • And don't forget, leave only your footprints behind!