Panama City Beach is so excited to announce that the Real. Fun. Beach. is continuing to top the charts as a beach destination! Tripadvisor ranked Panama City Beach as the No. 2 “Emerging Destination” in the world by Tripadvisor’s Travelers Choice 2021 Best of the Best Awards. Tripadvisor recognized us as "an affordable beach vacation with year-round offerings." They also made a special callout to Pier Park and St. Andrews State Park

Panama City Beach is home to 27-miles of beautiful white sand beaches, with two beach front state parks, city parks and county parks, along with 100 public beach access points – our fans don’t have any trouble finding a place to spread their beach blankets.

TripAdvisor determines their winners based on millions of traveler reviews and ratings for beaches gathered over a 12-month period. It’s a truly non-biased, user-determined rating system that allows real people to have their voices heard… and what those voices are saying, year after year, is that Panama City Beach is one of the world’s best beaches (and we thank you for that!).

We’d also like to thank TripAdvisor for helping spread the word, because for about as long as they’ve been doing these rankings, they’ve been revealing to the world what a treasure we have right here in Panama City Beach, and that guidance is helping travelers have the beach vacation of their dreams.

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