Yay! You’ve finally made it to Panama City Beach for your long-awaited vacation! Now it’s time to document your experience. Follow this guide to get the most aesthetic collection of pictures to share with your family, friends, and to cherish for a lifetime (or until your next visit). We love seeing your pictures here at the Real. Fun. Beach., so when you do take pictures in PCB, make sure to tag us @Visit_PCB and use the hashtags #MyPCB and #RealFunBeach!


The Beach and Shell Island

Mom on Beach

It’s obvious, right? If you’re vacationing in Panama City Beach, you have to take a picture at the beach. With our crystal-clear, turquoise waters and white-sand beaches, the perfect picture is just a short walk from wherever you’re staying. The not so obvious choice is taking a short boat, jet ski or catamaran ride over to Shell Island to get a picture on the completely undeveloped, 7-mile barrier island. Strolling along the island's shoreline to find the perfect spot for your shoot is effortless, with no need to worry about including others in the background. Visit either spot around sunset and you'll have a picture unlike any other!


SkyWheel and Panhandle Helicopters


These newer attractions in Panama City Beach not only promise an amazing experience but also set the stage for an extraordinary background for your PCB vacation photo collage. Both attractions will take your photos to new heights, literally, offering a unique perspective that unveils the stunning coastal beauty in a way unlike any other. As you rise above PCB, the panoramic views of the pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant cityscape create a breathtaking tapestry below. The sensation of hovering above the landscape provides a thrilling and memorable encounter, allowing you to appreciate the scale and beauty of PCB in a way that ground-level exploration simply cannot match.


The "Rainbow Homes"

Rainbow Houses

Adjacent to Pier Park along Front Beach Road, there is a line of vibrant, rainbow-hued houses that has emerged as a popular photo-op in Panama City Beach. These residences exude a beach vacation vibe with their diverse colors and the presence of palm trees adorning each property. A simple pose and smile in front of these homes would be the perfect photo to include in your PCB vacation post!


Local Restaurants

Drinks on the Beach

Restaurants like SchoonersFinn's and Sharky’s are great places to snag a picture while digging into some delicious, fresh seafood. Schooners and Sharky’s, both Gulf-view restaurants, are designed for guests to capture moments while holding their favorite drink against a stunning backdrop. If you want to switch up the view, head over to Finn’s Island Style Grill and capture a picture in a haven for surfers. The food at Finn’s comes out looking picture perfect, like it’s waiting for you to take a picture.


St. Andrew's, Camp Helen and the Conservation Park

Conservation Park

For a picturesque glimpse into the natural beauty of Panama City Beach, these three locations are a must-visit. St. Andrew's State Park and Camp Helen offer a perfect blend of lush greenery and pristine beaches, creating an ideal backdrop for nature-inspired photos. Additionally, the Conservation Park provides an immersive experience with its extensive network of trails. Regardless of the destination you choose, you'll discover excellent spots for capturing pictures with unique backdrops that unveil a lesser-known facet of Panama City Beach. Don't forget to explore the jetties at St. Andrews State Park, adding a distinctive touch to your nature-themed photography adventure.


Real. Fun. Beach. Sign

Real Fun Beach Sign

While visiting PCB you should always stop by our Visitor Center to find out about the best restaurants, attractions and other things to do during your stay, but you should also stop by for a picture with our brand new Real. Fun. Beach. sign. Symbolizing the vibrant atmosphere that Panama City Beach embodies, this sign captures the essence of the destination in a single frame. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a group, posing in front of the Real. Fun. Beach. sign not only captures the moment but also becomes a tangible memory of your PCB experience.