The Pirates of the High Seas & Renaissance Fest is setting sail from October 6-8, 2023!

The annual event celebrates the legacy of the pirates who once roamed the Gulf of Mexico and pillaged the Emerald Coast, telling the tale of Dominique Youx and his krewe of loyal buccaneers through staged pirate battles and storytelling. 

Pirate fans can enjoy online and in-person activities, including a digital pirate costume contest, an in-person and online treasure hunt, parades, live music fireworks, Renaissance vendors and activities, and more in Panama City Beach.

We hope you can join us, matey!


4:00pm : Live Music by The Mead Sisters & The Masked Marauders

4:00pm: Festival Village & Kids Zone

5:30pm: Kids Parade

6:15pm - 6:30pm: Opening Ceremonies & Treasure Drop

6:30pm: Pirate Crawl Parade

6:30pm: Live Entertainment: Studio by the Sea

7:30pm: Live Entertainment: Cirque Adventure

7:30pm: Live Music

8:30pm: Fireworks


8:00am: Pirates of the High Seas & Renaissance Fest 5k Fun Run/Walk

10:00am: Festival Village & Kids Zone

11:00am: Live Music by the The Mead Sisters & the Masked Marauders

12:00pm: Live Music by Captain Davy and the Crossbones

1:00pm: Live Entertainment

1:30pm Live Entertainment: Commodore Magic Show

3:00pm: Pirate Invasion & Battle for Panama City Beach

3:30pm: Live Music by Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers 

5:00pm: The Main Parade Presented by the Krewe of Dominique Youx

6:00pm: Live Music 

7:00pm: Live Entertainment: Cirque Adventure

8:00pm: Fireworks


12:00pm: Festival Village & Kids Zone

12:30pm: Live Entertainment: Fire Circus

1:00pm: Live Entertainment: Comedy

1:30pm: Live Music: Captain Davy & the Crossbones

2:30pm: Live Music by The Mead Sisters and the Mask Marauders

3:30pm: Live Entertainment: Studio by the Sea

4:00pm: Pirate Pub Entertainment