They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to social media, a picture can be worth a thousand likes — maybe more. Enter the “selfie,” that age old millennial practice of holding up a camera with outstretched arm to snap a picture of yourself against whatever backdrop you might choose. It’s a photo that, before the advent of digital and camera phones, was generally a trial-by-error exercise that often yielded some … interesting results. But as technology evolved and allowed us the chance to instantly view our self-taken pictures to see whether we’d actually captured anything worthwhile or should instantly delete, the practice of hitting the shoot button has become a trend that shows no signs of slowing down as people seek out ever more inventive ways — and ever more interesting places — to strike a pose and smile for the selfie.

As with all pics, these fun photos are all about capturing the moment and preserving those memories in time. From the silly to the serious to the downright wacky, we’ve seen them all since selfies aren’t something we keep to ourselves. They are shared with the rest of the world in the blink of an eye, flitting their way through the social media networks like butterflies in frenzied migration. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat … you name it, they’re there. And never has there been a more effective way of achieving notoriety as a tourist attraction or a must-see/must-do/must-go place than that very simple snap-and-share of a great selfie that explodes across social media.

From restaurants with share-worthy food to landmarks that beg for attention, people flock to these places to get in on the action, to take a selfie that will show some ingenuity or creativity and capture people’s eye. And as anyone can see from scanning the ever-changing social media feeds, Panama City Beach is getting plenty of selfie love as people go mad with posts hashtagging their time in Panama City Beach. And it’s with good reason; there are numerous places throughout this coastal city that already make it a destination worthy of note — beautiful beaches, great fishing, fantastic resorts and excellent dining and shopping. You name it, it’s here. And while many might walk by certain things throughout the city without ever giving thought to snapping a pic, there are some truly fun places to stop and flash a smile. So set your phone to camera mode and get ready to take your perfect shot.


Coming into a new city is always a memorable moment, and it’s one worth capturing on film … so to speak. So stop the car and pop out for a selfie with the “Welcome to Panama City Beach” sign on the highway or at the Welcome Center as your backdrop. Sit on it, stand next to it or stay true to the spirit of the selfie and snap a pic of yourself showing off your excitement at the adventure that awaits you as you enter. Then plan to snap a similar — though noticeably regretful — shot when it’s time to head home as you bid the city farewell. Not that now is the time to be thinking about leaving — though that après-vacation glow you’ll no doubt have will certainly be something to look forward to.

No, now is the time to be thinking about everything you have on your itinerary for your fabulous stay in this fantastic city full of undeniable appeal and vibrant color. It’s the color that grabs attention, color that says, “It’s selfie time.” And with their bright facades painted in a rainbow-like parade of colors, the so-called “rainbow buildings” next to Pier Park definitely fit the bill, so much so that they’ve earned a place as a top spot for selfie snapping.

So, too, has the Pier Park arch, the gateway that announces to all that you have officially arrived at PCB’s premier destination for dining, shopping and entertainment. With its vintage style script, this massive metal archway welcomes one and all to come, see, taste and play — and when you’re looking for a great selfie moment, this is definitely one worth noticing. Landmarks such as the Pier Park arch and the city’s welcome sign make for great mementos to take home from your Panama City Beach visit. 


It’s not everyday that you can say you encountered a mermaid or a pirate — unless, that is, you sail on over to Sisters of the Sea & The Dive Bar, where you’ll have the perfect shot at taking a selfie with one of these lovely sea sirens or salty scalawags. For an even bigger pirate-themed adventure, take a day trip out on one of PCB’s Sea Dragon pirate Cruise and say “Arrrrr,” then snap away and get ready to tell a tale to tag onto your post.

And speaking of telling tales, there’s no better bait for a selfie like your triumphant moment with a fish — the fish you caught that’s “this big!” Here’s your proof to show off to the world as you stand with catch in hand and make twin fish-faces for the camera. PCB’s three fishing piers offer the perfect fishing spot for casting a line without ever leaving the shore, and you’ll have a fabulous backdrop for your like-worthy pic.

A little more off the beaten path, take a trek down to Camp Helen State Park to see the remains of its old pier. With this old structure as a backdrop for your selfie, you’ll get a shot that whispers tales of fishermen long gone.

Nothing says beach vacation like a beach ball, and the giant beach ball located just outside the front entrance of The Grand Theater is one fun place to gather a few of your closest BFFs for a sunny selfie before checking out the latest flick on the big screen. Speaking of big, the giant propeller in front of Captain Anderson’s Marina is a major “wow” waiting just for you. A true piece of salvaged maritime wreckage, the propeller is an authentic part of the British oil tanker Empire Mica that was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1942. It now holds a place of pride at the marina, so lean on in, smile, and say, “Shipwreck!” If you’re in the mood for high-flying fun, check out the Skywheel and take a sky-high selfie at 180 feet with a shot of your bird’s eye view in the background.


Back down on the ground, tee up and get goofy with your pose at one of Goofy Golf’s wacky course attractions like the sphinx or maybe a dinosaur. Even if you don’t make a hole in one, at least you’ll score a selfie worth sharing. Share even more fun and get in on the action at one of PCB’s many concerts and events at Aaron Bessant Park and Frank Brown Park. As go-to spots for great local bands and music festivals such as the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam or the SandJam Fest — not to mention other expos and events — these are two places where your next sensational selfie is close to center stage.

From fishing and exploring to stuffing your face with unbelievable eats, Panama City Beach has the perfect excuse to get down with your funky self and snap a selfie. So strike a pose and hashtag #RealFunBeach and #MYPCB— you have arrived at PCB, and this is one city you’ll never get tired of sharing.