When you live on the coast, there’s an endless array of beautiful seafood at your fingertips, and best-loved examples of the gilled glories of the Gulf include the grouper that swim offshore. One bite of these flaky, tender fish and you’ll be hooked, and the restaurants on Panama City Beach showcase grouper in every way imaginable. And while they certainly warrant luxury when it comes to plating and pairings, these fine fish are best when caught between two buns.


Fatty’s Sandwich Shop

Starting at the East end of Panama City Beach, Fatty’s Sandwich Shop is a well-known restaurant to stop and grab a sandwich on the way to the beach. Fatty’s has a sandwich option for every member of the family, whether you are looking for the classics or something with a bit of a twist. The muffuletta features layers of Italian meats, provolone, and a zesty olive salad on a traditional muffuletta roll. The Gyro offers a Mediterranean twist with seasoned lamb, fresh vegetables, and tangy tzatziki sauce wrapped in warm pita bread. These sandwiches, along with many others, showcase Fatty's commitment to hearty and flavorful meals.


Dusty's Oyster Bar

Named after its original owner and founder, Dusty’s Oyster Bar has been a Panama City Beach landmark for more than three decades. Known for its casual laid-back atmosphere, where live music is typically on the menu. Aside from fresh oysters, their “seawitches” are the perfect choice to satisfy your hunger. Pick your favorite seafood from mahi, scallops, crawfish and more to have in the form of a Po’Boys and if you aren’t familiar with this term go ahead and get one. 



Offering a wide variety of items from cheese curds to fish tacos, Schooners is a popular choice for many visitors due not only to its great food, but its location. Placed directly on the white sandy beaches, Schooners uses fresh ingredients that don’t need a whole lot of dressing up. Among their biggest catches is the Gulf Fresh Grouper Sandwich, a locally caught fillet perfectly fried, grilled or blackened to be tender and juicy and served on a fresh bun with crisp lettuce and tomato. And while some restaurants might give all the glory to the hands at work in their kitchen, the owners at Schooners give major cred to the fishermen who harvest these fine specimens of the sea.


Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant

We’ve heard seafood tastes better under a tiki hut, especially when it’s located right on the beach. Sharky's Beachfront Restaurant offers a tempting selection of sandwiches, perfect for a beachside meal. The Redfish Sandwich features a fried filet of redfish with a spicy remoulade sauce, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles. The Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich brings a tropical twist with a grilled chicken breast glazed in teriyaki, topped with Monterey Jack cheese and grilled pineapple, served with the same fresh accompaniments. These sandwiches, served with French fries, promise a flavorful and satisfying dining experience by the water.


Patches Pub

Patches Pub offers a variety of delicious sandwiches, each served with your choice of side. One standout is the Drunkin Chicken sandwich, featuring a grilled chicken breast smothered in bourbon BBQ sauce, topped with smoked gouda, bacon, and caramelized onions, all served on a ciabatta roll. Other popular options include the Grouper Sandwich, the Patches Cuban, and the Zesty Chicken Sandwich, offering a range of flavors from smoky and savory to spicy and tangy.