Exploring Panama City Beach (PCB) on a motorcycle offers an exhilarating perspective of Florida’s scenic coastline and vibrant local culture. With its endless beaches, fascinating attractions, and delectable dining spots, a road trip on two wheels around PCB promises memorable adventures at every turn. 

In this guide, we’ve mapped out some of the best motorcycle rides in Florida — right here in Panama City Beach — complete with insider tips on food stops, scenic breaks, and must-see attractions you will not want to miss.

See Panama City Beach on Two Wheels

From sun-kissed beachfront cruises to serene lagoon loops and the tranquil exploration of the west end, these road trip itineraries serve as your ultimate guide to experiencing Panama City Beach on two wheels. 

The Beachfront Cruise

Start your journey along Front Beach Road, which offers a continuous panorama of the Gulf's clear waters on one side and an interesting array of attractions on the other. This route is perfect for those who love to feel the ocean breeze while soaking in the vibrant beach culture PCB is known for.

Scenic Breaks, Pit Stops & Attractions:

  • Russell-Fields City Pier: Stretch your legs with a walk down this iconic pier, offering unparalleled ocean views and fishing opportunities. It’s a serene spot to bask in the sunrise or sunset.
  • Conservation Park: A slight detour off the main road, this conservation area offers miles of unpaved trails through Florida’s natural habitats. Perfect for a peaceful break from the ride.
  • Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant: Offering delicious seafood with a view, Sharky’s is an ideal spot to refuel while watching the waves. Their outdoor seating area gives you front-row seats to breathtaking Gulf views.
  • Thomas Donut & Snack Shop: Ride a bit west of the main beach areas for this local favorite. It's a great morning stop for freshly made donuts and casual beachside snacks.

The Lagoon Loop

For a tour around the Grand Lagoon area, start your ride along Thomas Drive, circle the lagoon, and then head back towards the beach. This scenic loop offers glimpses into the quieter, more serene side of PCB.

Scenic Breaks, Pit Stops & Attractions:

  • St. Andrews State Park: Nestled at the junction of the Gulf and Grand Lagoon, St. Andrews is a breathtaking natural sanctuary. The park's jetties are popular for snorkeling, and its pristine beaches provide a perfect backdrop for relaxation.
  • Captain Anderson’s Marina: Even if you’re not setting sail, the marina is a vibrant place to explore, with boat launches, dolphin sighting tours, and more.
  • Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant: A landmark dining spot known for its fresh seafood and waterfront dining experience. Dining here around sunset offers a mesmerizing view of the lagoon.
  • Andy’s Flour Power: Ideal for breakfast or brunch, this cozy café serves hearty, homestyle meals that will energize you for the day's ride.

The West End Wander

Explore the tranquility of PCB’s West End with a ride down Back Beach Road (Highway 98), taking detours onto smaller roads that lead to hidden gems. Loop around to the Front Beach Road scenic corridor and take in sweeping vistas of the Gulf of Mexico’s stunning waters. Feel the refreshing ocean breeze and let the rhythm of the waves set the pace for a leisurely ride.

Scenic Breaks, Pit Stops & Attractions:

  • Pier Park: Though slightly busier, this large shopping and entertainment complex on the border of the West and East Ends serves as a vibrant hub with scenic overlooks of the Gulf, numerous shops, restaurants, and seasonal events.
  • Camp Helen State Park: Just off the main road, this park is a historical site nestled between the Gulf and Lake Powell, one of Florida’s largest coastal dune lakes. It offers a unique ecosystem to explore, with activities like hiking, swimming, and bird watching.
  • The Boon Docks Restaurant: Located at the foot of the West Bay Bridge on Highway 79, Boon Docks offers a rustic dining experience with fantastic seafood, set against the backdrop of the intercoastal waterway.
  • Salty Sue’s: For those craving barbeque and seafood, Salty Sue’s is a must-stop. They skillfully combine the best of both worlds, offering a laid-back atmosphere perfect after a day on the road.

Planning Your PCB Motorcycle Road Trip: Insider Tips

Embarking on one of the best motorcycle rides in Florida guarantees an adventure of a lifetime, filled with breathtaking views, exhilarating rides, and unparalleled experiences. To make sure your journey is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, it’s important to plan ahead. 

We’ve got some valuable insider tips covering safety, comfort, the optimal times to embark on your ride, and local resources that can enhance your Panama City Beach motorcycle tour. From preparing for Florida’s unpredictable weather to tapping into the local biker community for insights and support, these guidelines are designed to help you make the most of your road trip adventure.

Safety and Comfort

Always check the weather before heading out. While PCB enjoys sunny days, those afternoon thunderstorms can roll in quickly. It’s wise to be prepared for sudden weather changes. Be sure to have sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of hydration. The Florida sun can be intense, even during short rides.

Best Times to Ride

Early morning or late afternoon rides offer not only the best temperatures but also the chance to catch stunning sunrises or sunsets. Weekdays generally provide a less crowded experience on the roads and at attractions.

Local Resources

PCB has a friendly and active motorcycle community. Local bike shops often have bulletin boards with information on meet-ups or group rides. If you have any motorcycle needs along the way, several shops in PCB cater specifically to riders, offering gear, maintenance, and local advice.

Florida motorcycle rides in Panama City Beach offer a unique blend of exhilarating routes, stunning natural beauty, and intriguing attractions. The combination of the salty air, the warmth of the sun, and the thrill of discovery makes PCB a motorcycle-friendly destination full of surprises. Whether you're cruising along the beachfront, exploring the serene lagoon, or wandering through the quieter West End, the memories made here on two wheels will last a lifetime.